Mission & Culture of Positive Presence

Positive Presence has been built on a foundation of integrity, honesty and most importantly a positive spirit in everything we do.  We are at a time in our society where we need as much light as we can create, and it is our purpose with this company to help individuals find that light!

It is our mission to encourage and enable everyone at every age to find their purpose, passion, and platform to live a positive life and be a role model to all.

Most recently we were recognized as ‘one of the most innovate life coaching companies of our time’ – an accolade we don’t take lightly.  We strive to use this power and recognition for the greater good of our clients, our partners, our community and the world.  It is our lofty goal to create programs that help eradicate negative self-esteem, low self-confidence, and insignificance in our communities.  We take immense pride in our responsibility to make a difference and be a light in a world so easily darkened.

Positive Presence Kids


With our life-changing programs, Positive Presence enriches our clients’ way of living by identifying their purpose and coaching them through some of the challenges we all face along our paths.

Positive Presence Teens


Positive Presence empowers our clients to promote their new found passion and practice their platform with countless opportunities within our program and network.

Positive Presence Adults


Positive Presence inspires our clients to become the best version of themselves and follow their dreams all while being an inspirational vessel for others.