Our Origin Story

Since 2015, Positive Presence Global (PPG) has been blazing a trail for the next generation to feel confident, positive, and inspired. Although we’re never finished with our journey ahead, we always strive to take pause to reflect on how far we’ve come. Although PPG didn’t truly get it’s start until 2016, our Founder – Michelle – would have never found it without first becoming a runway model in 2003. We truly believe a company is only as solid as the foundation it was built upon, and it is such an honor to be able to share our journey with you.

Every step got us to where we are today – savings lives around the world!

The Catalyst

Michelle becomes a national runway model in the fashion industry.
After struggling with her own mental health, body image and purpose - Michelle retires from the modeling industry.
With her passion for effecting positive change and her background in modeling, Michelle started consulting with nonprofits across the Midwest in her early 20’s on incorporating fashion into their philanthropic efforts to appeal to a larger demographic. Over the course of five years, Michelle helped thousands of nonprofits fundraise millions of dollars for positive causes coining the term – Positivity Activist!
Michelle married Adam King - and they had their daughter - Savannah - the catalyst to Michelle’s vision to support the Next Generation.
Michelle starts training local models in CO to help them enter into the modeling industry in a positive way to avoid the pitfalls the modeling industry touts.

Finding Our Footing

Michelle Marie King LLC was founded.
Model Coaching Services were launched as the primary service for Michelle Marie King, LLC dba (doing business as) Positive Presence.
Self-Esteem Coaching Services were launched as a secondary service for Michelle.
Additional coaches were contracted to accent the coaching model including an Emotional Intelligence Coach, a Health & Fitness Coach, Stylist Coach, Beauty Coach, and Financial Coach.

Gaining Traction

Michelle Marie King, LLC was closed and rebranded as Positive Presence, LLC.
The Confidence Coaching & Model Coaching curriculum was organized and developed in over 500 pages of personalized and customized coaching across 8 types of service offerings.
Positive Presence Global becomes the largest confidence coaching company for teenage girls in Colorado.

A Tragedy Turns a Luxury Service into a Necessity Nationwide

Michelle and a former client of the Confidence Coaching program - Shaylee Holland - Co-Founded Positive Presence Foundation after losing a former model-coaching client to suicide.
Michelle becomes the Full-Time CEO of Positive Presence Global.
The Long-Distance Confidence Coaching program was launched, later dubbed our Mentor-Coaching™ Program.
Positive Presence officially uncoupled from the modeling industry and no longer offered Model Coaching as a Positive Presence service.
Positive Presence becomes a legal trademark nationwide.
Positive Presence Global officially becomes the largest confidence coaching company in North America and received an incredible accolade as ‘The most innovative life coaching company of our time’ by HerLife Magazine – a national magazine in which Michelle was featured as a ‘Passionate Philanthropist & Entrepreneur’.

The Perfect Storm

January 2020
Michelle moves the PPG Corporate Offices from Colorado to Minnesota.
January 2020
Positive Presence launched ‘The Positivity Guide’ - our online blog - to enrich, empower and inspire teens, young adults and parents to practice personal development and positive thinking.
January 2020
Michelle shifts PPG to a completely virtual life-coaching company to expand the reach and impact of PPG’s mission nationwide.
February 2020
Michelle launches her newly-designed proprietary mentor-coaching certification program with two beta coaches.
March 2020
The Coronavirus Pandemic reached global proportions and forced shutdowns amongst companies, communities, and livelihoods.
April 2020
The Positive Presence Podcast was launched worldwide on Apple and Spotify with Michelle Marie King - as the host.
June 2020
7 Coaches became certified through our new certification program to address a sudden insurgence of students nationwide being impacted by the pandemic.
September 2020
PPG Invested in expanding and developing tools and resources for our coaches and clients including workbooks, online student boards, affirmation cards and articles for parents.
October 2020
Cheyanne Peters, a current mentor-coach, was added to our corporate team as a Corporate Trainer & Coaching Manager.
November 2020
PPG became #1 in the nation for 'Life Coaching for Teens' on Google.

A New World to Help Heal

January 2021
Mentees and Mentor-Coaches tripled in quantity from August 2020 to December 2020.
April 2021
A new male coaching program was launched nationwide to bring together male students and male mentor-coaches, and four new male mentor-coaches were added to our coaching roster.
April 2021
PPG Adapts to the Covid Landscape by offering fully digital, online, 1:1 coaching for teens and young adults.
June 2021
A new LGBTQIA+ coaching program was launched nationwide to bring together LGBTQIA students and mentor-coaches. Two new LGBTQIA mentor-coaches were added to our coaching roster.
September 2021
PPG Partners with Care Connect+ and Flagler Health in Florida to offer mental health services to local teens.
November 2021
A new parent-coaching program was launched nationwide to bring together parents of the next generation and parenting experts. Two new parenting mentor-coaches were added to our coaching roster.

Pioneering Personal Development

May 2022
PPG Launched our Internal Resource Library free to PPG mentor-coaching students valued at over $25,000, filled with hundreds of Positive Psychology tools and resources curated and created by our Special Projects Team.
June 2022
Michelle was featured on KCCO in an in-depth interview about the effects of COVID and social isolation on teens mental health.
July 2022
PPG sold out our Inaugural Awakening Retreat in St. George, UT.
August 2022
PPG implemented our ‘Climb Achievements Program’ for PPG Mentor-Coaches to experience career development with Positive Presence while expanding their understanding on Emotional Intelligence, Executive Functioning, Meta-Learning and Positive Psychology topics.
August 2022
Expanded our Corporate Training and Coach Support team as our coaching roster expanded with 25+ coaches nationwide.
September 2022
After 5 years in the making, our Special Projects Team developed a partnership with Amazon to launch our highly anticipated Planners and Goal Setting Workbook.

Moving Forward, Growing Stronger

November 2022
Kait Jensen joins our Corporate Team as our Coaching Manager.
November 2022
Cheyanne Peters is promoted to Coaching Director
March 2023
Positive Presence Global launched The Aspire Store - an online store to sell positive products and wearable affirming apparel to promote positivity and mental health awareness.
April 2023
Mira Smith joins our Corporate Team as Sales Director.
May 2023
Makenna Vick joins our Corporate Team as Executive Assistant.
May 2023
We started construction on our new Corporate Offices and new In-Person Coaching Center in Chanhassen, MN.
June 2023
We encourage Mentor-Coaches to step into leadership early on in their PPG careers. With that goal in mind, we implemented our Leadership Program, providing a definitive path into an Executive role as the company expands globally.
July 2023
Inaugural Founder’s Retreat - a positive exclusive experience for female-identifying teens and young adults designed to help alleviate existing pressures & feelings of overwhelm while finding a greater sense of self, positive body image, & higher self-esteem.
July 2023
Alyssa Hatfield joins our Corporate Team as Sales Manager.
July 2023
Sarah Dudley joins our Corporate Team as Finance Assistant.
October 2023
Michelle was featured in USA Today as one of the Top 10 Emerging Entrepreneurs of 2023
IMG_0543 (1)
October 2023
We launched our Positive Presence HQ & Inaugural Coaching Center in Chanhassen, MN.
IMG_0543 (1)
January 2024
Michelle was featured in the winter edition of NY Weekly magazine as a "remarkable force of positivity and change" for the next generation
February 2024
Cheyanne Peters Thompson got promoted to Chief Operating Officer on our Business Management Team.
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Communications Specialist

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Positive Presence Corporate Team

Jessica Waugh

Special Projects Director


Jessica has roughly 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, curating premier wine programs in Las Vegas and developing educational programs for the largest beverage distribution company in North America. In 2022, Jessica altered her focus and is now utilizing her educational, management, and organizational skills to positively impact others on a grander scale. She is now developing multiple modalities focused in emotional intelligence, executive functioning, meta-learning, and positive psychology for struggling teens and young adults.

Favorite Mindfulness Techniques:

Meditating with sound bowls!

A Fun Fact:

I was the architect for my grandmother’s house

State: Nevada
Email: Jessicaw@positivepresenceglobal.com

Positive Presence Corporate Team

Missy Vandenheuvel

Sales Manager


Missy is a revitalized mother of two teenagers who understands the resilience it takes to raise children in the midst of a global pandemic. She is a passionate mentor because she recognizes there isn’t nearly enough support for the overwhelming number of people silently struggling. Her sincere and compassionate personality is what makes her thrive as a coach and a leading member of our company. As our Sales manager she recognized that her role is to listen and learn as much about your child (or yourself) as possible. While listening, I am identifying a mentor coach that I believe your child will not only like based on their personality, but also one who has experienced and overcome similar pain points, and areas of opportunity, optimizing relatability. Ultimately, setting your child up for growth and fulfillment socially, mentally, and physically. 

Favorite Mindfulness Techniques:

My Favorite Mindful technique is to Shifting Thought Patterns by focusing on the Grounding Technique. Starts with a big belly breath in. Then, you tap into your 5 senses, to quickly and effortlessly shift your current focus. Choose a sense- any sense, and count down from 5 (order or senses can be altered): 5 things you see, 4 things you smell, 3 things you feel, 2 things you hear, 1 thing you taste.

A Fun Fact:

 I travel to Florida from Wisconsin 3-4 times a year, and we plan to relocate somewhere with the state in 1.5 years. I’ve been dreaming about this since I first saw the ocean at the age of 14 years old. 

State: Wyoming
Email: Missy@positivepresenceglobal.com

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Communications Specialist

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