Do you feel like all you do is give?

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated?


Positive Presence
Private Group Membership
for Parents

As a parent sometimes we feel like we have to choose between self-love and loving our children.

But what if we didn’t have to? 

Collaborative, highly-trained moderators and coaches
Resourceful, customized tools & resources to resolve real-life family and parent struggles
Proactive strategies to feel whole despite an inherent need to give to your family
A private online community to help you stay connected, grounded, and focused on your personal goals for growth, peace, and self-love
One 1+1 complimentary session with our parent expert to set personalized goals & intentions
Exclusive access to curated content designed by parent experts for parents and families
Weekly content from industry experts on parenting, self-growth, relationships and more
Weekly open Q&A sessions with our parent expert
Access to 24/7 support for you and your family

Free if you join before 2/07/2022


Looking for More Customized 1+1 Support?

When working with the next generation, the parents play a massively important role. Young adults and teenagers look to their parents for guidance, acceptance, and validation (even if it doesn’t always seem like it). In our parent empowerment program, parents and guardians are just as much a part of the process.

Our parent empowerment programs are tailored for parents of young adults and teens and are designed to provide parents with the tools they need to grow as an individual so they are more prepared to support, encourage, and motivate their children to attain their goals. Just like their children, parents need access to a support system that reminds them of their inner power, positivity, and strength.

Peer-to-peer coaching is an excellent opportunity for parents to learn and practice intentional and positive parenting techniques, as well as work towards personal goals and finding personal peace.

What's Included in 1-on-1 Parent Coaching?

1-On-1 Private Coaching Sessions

Weekly or Bi-Weekly 1-Hour Virtual Coaching Sessions each month with a Perfectly Matched Mentor-Coach.
VALUED AT $250.00 / Session!

Customized Access to Our Resource Library & Coaching Tools

24/7 Access to a Private, Custom Coaching Board & Resource Library Loaded with Coaching Resources, Online Tools, Useful Links, and Relevant Recordings.
VALUED AT $5,000.00!

24/7 Access to Your Mentor-Coach

All mentees are encouraged to access their private mentor-coach 24/7 using our video-to-video coaching app.

How Our Parent Empowerment Programs Work

Find the joy of parenthood through connecting to self. Our innovative approach supports parents on their journey of finding balance both as a parent and as a person. Our parent experts provides empowering support and curated concepts to parents nationwide. With our vibrant, positive moderators, one-of-a-kind coaching tools, and inquiry-based discussions, we take personal development and personal parenting to a whole new level.

Being the Best YOU = Being the Best Parent

Parents are the foundation of the family dynamic. Taking care of yourself and finding healthy ways to process emotions will help your family grow and flourish.

Positive Presence offers 2 unique coaching options for parents. It is not required to have a child participating in one of the Positive Presence programs for parents to engage in one of the below options.

Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Get matched with a hand-selected mentor-coach for a more long-term coaching relationships to work on topics such as stress management, personal growth, goal setting, communication, relationship and more.
(Minimum Commitment One Month)

Private Group Membership

Get access to our Parent Group immediately. The group is a private area where experts host weekly live video Q&A sessions, post helpful advice, and respond to questions privately or publicly.
(Minimum Commitment One Month)

Free if you join before 2/07/2022


Hi, I'm Remy the Parent Program Director

I moved to the US from Egypt at the age of 25.  I’m a personal trainer and life coach and I’m passionate about helping families and the adults managing those households create a positive and peaceful home. As a mother of two boys, I have seen first-hand how mental health can negatively impact one’s life. Despite a toxic family environment in my youth, depression, and the loss of my fiancé to brain cancer, I was led to use my darkness as a vehicle for light.
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From coast-to-coast, we have the most caring, experienced, and effective Mentor-Coaches in the industry. They are passionately led to contribute the most impact to those they work with.

Our Standard of Service

At Positive Presence we believe that each individual deserves a mentor-coaching program that is as unique as they are. In that sense, there isn’t just one Positive Presence mentoring program, there is a different, personalized version for every individual we work with while still maintaining our core coaching pillars:

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

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Hi, I'm Michelle the Founder of Positive Presence

I founded Positive Presence Global to serve the next generation and their families by motivating them to lead a positive life and inspire others to do the same. Watch this video to learn more about my passion for mental health and my journey to Positive Presence.

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Thinking About Mentor-Coaching?
Our Mentor-Coaches are trained to...
Validate & Challenge Decisions
Instill Accountability
Celebrate Accomplishments
Share Emotional Ups & Downs
Brainstorm Ways to Solve Problems
Help with Time Management
Teach about Attracting Positive Relationships
Ask Hard Questions
Be There Unconditionally