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We have only the most caring, experienced, and effective Mentors at Positive Presence.  Our clients LOVE our coaches!
Michelle Marie King
Body Image, Reflection, Growth Mentality, Personal Empowerment, Goal Setting, Time Management, Attitude & Gratitude, Authenticity & Purposeful Living - Read Bio
Cheyanne Peters

Behavioral Health, Addictions, Mindfulness,  Incorporating Movement, Developing Coping Skills, Healthy Relationships, Emotional Intelligence - Read Bio

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Rachael Roberts

Mindfulness, Goal Setting, Time Management, Budgeting, Organization, Self Care, Learning how to Learn -
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Blake Cleaver

Anxiety & Stress Management, Building Resiliency, Motivation & Goal Setting, Overcoming Trauma, Self-Harm Recovery, Self Love, LGBTQIA+ Relationships - Read Bio , Read Interview

Karen Weaver

Self Love, Friendships & Relationships, Healthy Living, Introspective Skills, Body Image, Stress & Anxiety - Read Bio- Read Interview

Emily Caikoski

Self-Esteem, Managing Social Interactions, Building Self-Confidence, Goal Setting, Body Image, Anxiety, Depression, Mindfulness/Mediation, Spirituality, and Death/Grief - Read Bio , Read Interview

Gisella Howe

Goat Setting, Finding Purpose & Potential, Dissolving Mental Blocks, Family & Relationship Dynamics, Mediation, Parent Coaching, Health & Wellness, Money Management, Career Goals & Building - Read Bio , Read Interview

Thea Saccoliti

Self-Acceptance and Validity, body Image, Time Management / Organizational Skills, Self Reflection, Goal Setting, Anxiety & Stress, Healthy Relationships - Read Bio , Read Interview

Lyndsey Clark

Fitness & Nutrition, LGBTQIA+, Self-Discovery, Healthy & Effective Communication, Time Management & Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Stress & Anxiety Management, Development of Intellectual & Cognitive Abilities - Read Bio , Read Interview

Danielle Daniel

Self-Confidence, Purpose In Life, Goal Setting, Healthy Habits, Positive Lifestyle, Time Management, Budgeting and Wealth - Read Bio , Read Interview

Jack Blake

Creating Space, Authenticity, Resourcefulness, Anxiety & Stress Management, Nutrition, Friendships & Relationships, Self Awareness - Read Bio , Read Interview

Marcos Baluyut-Hand

LGBTQIA+, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness, Relationships, Transition, Family Struggles, Communication, College Prep - Planning & Success - Read Bio , Read Interview

Katlyn Cleaver

Body Image, Self-Love, LGBTQIA+ Relationships, Anxiety, Behavioral Health, Time Management, Self-Reflection & Finding Your Purpose - Read Bio , Read Interview

Wafeeq Amin

Conflict Resolution, Transition, Emotional Intelligence, Financial Literacy, Action steps and goal setting, Self-awareness, Family dynamics, Grief coaching - Read Bio , Read Interview

Don'Taisha Greene

Career Goal Setting, Academic Goal Setting, Growth Mindset, Stress and Anxiety Management, Spirituality, Coping with Death and Grief, Finding Purpose - Read Bio , Read Interview

Remy Elsherif

Self-Love & Self Worth, Gratitude & Contentment, Healthy Relationships & Setting Boundaries, Health & Fitness, Overcoming Mental Blocks & Limiting Beliefs, Dealing with Anxiety, Spirituality - Read Bio , Read Interview

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