Michelle The Philanthropist

Michelle found her passion for philanthropy at a young age. When she was just 14, she joined a club at her high school in Brookfield, WI. For four years, she and her cohorts toured the Midwest performing assembly-style presentations about differences, disabilities, and acceptance.

After high school, Michelle entered into the modeling world, which was both invigorating and defeating. She experienced a severe lack of self-love from her modeling years and knew it was time to do something different.

With her passion for effecting positive change and her background in modeling, Michelle started consulting with nonprofits across the Midwest in her early 20’s on incorporating fashion into their philanthropic efforts to appeal to a larger demographic. Over the course of five years, Michelle helped thousands of nonprofits fundraise millions of dollars for positive causes coining the term – Positivity Activist!

10 years later, Michelle and Shaylee Holland (a former client of Positive Presence) co-founded Positive Presence Foundation – Positive Presence Global’s nonprofit arm.

Michelle The Mother

When Michelle had her daughter in 2015, she felt overwhelmed — overwhelmed with joy for the life she brought into this world and her beauty, and overwhelmed for the struggles and darkness this child could possibly face throughout her life. It was her instinct to protect her, and it was at this time Michelle realized how she could do that.

Michelle knows her daughter will never avoid all of the pitfalls of coming of age as a young woman in this world, but she had an idea for how to possibly make it just a little bit better; not only for her daughter but for others as well. At this moment Positive Presence Global was truly formed.

Michelle set out to positively impact the generation that would inevitably have the most impact and influence on her daughter. Michelle found her calling reaching out and helping young teens and young adults to become self aware, awoke to personal development, and to lead lives filled with radiating positivity.

By using her own struggles and darkness that she experienced during her formative years in the modeling industry, she was able to relate to this generation and provide tangible, concrete ways to help them lead lives full of positivity and light, that they could then pass on to their peers and their circle of influence (including her own daughter).

The darkness and struggles Michelle experienced, combined with her determination to find a way to shield or prepare her daughter for that reality thrust Michelle into a mission to serve the ‘Next Generation’ aka ‘The Positive Presence Generation’ to become influencers of light and love!

Michelle The Entrepreneur

Michelle first became a notable entrepreneur with the launch of Positive Presence Global in 2016. In less than two years, Positive Presence became the largest life coaching company in the country for teenagers and young adults (the iGeneration). Positive Presence now serves as the premier life coaching resource for teenagers and young adults to learn confidence, positive body image, positive self-esteem, resiliency, authenticity, and more.

Michelle and her team are working on expanding Positive Presence into a global company by 2022. They plan to launch positive children’s books and an online store, building out a self-guided personal development app, launching a positive podcast and so much more! She’s excited to be a global thought-leader and positivity activist helping change the world for the next generation!

Michelle The Public Speaker

The potential to conjure change with just a voice is the most admirable feeling Michelle has ever known. Her public speaking style is remarkably empowering and authentically from the heart. She has the exceptional ability to captivate an audience while still being able to engage with them in an energetic, charming way.

Michelle’s first large-scale public speaking engagement was at the age of 16 on the steps of the capitol in Washington DC at the Inaugural Shaken Baby Syndrome Vigil. Since then, she has spoken across the country on topics including women and wealth, finding your inner beauty, becoming a passionate philanthropist, and struggling with eating disorders. Michelle continues to be a public speaker at several women empowerment summits, young entrepreneur conferences, and women in business events across the country every year.

Michelle The Coach

Michelle Marie King is the premier Confidence Coach for teenagers and young adults across the globe. Since launching Positive Presence Global in 2016, she has single-handedly invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to create a nationally acclaimed mentor-coaching program and copyrighted S.E.L.F. curriculum.

Since 2003 – aside from her illustrious modeling career – she’s received two degrees in business and communications, became a Master Practitioner of Positive Psychology through the nationally acclaimed Positive Psychology Institute, helped fundraise millions of dollars for nonprofits across the Midwest, and has coached over 500 hundred teenagers, young adults, and new entrepreneurs on confidence, self-esteem, and inner-beauty.

Currently in pursuit of additional coaching certificates and a certificate in the Science of Well-Being from Yale, Michelle plans to further enhance her Positive Presence brand with applied science and transformative prevention tools that both students and mentor-coaches can benefit from.

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