About Our Corporate Male Program Director

Jeremiah Putman

Jeremiah – a native of Colorado – has worked in and studied various trades in the construction industry, and in 2000 opened his first business with his future father-in-law. He has successfully launched three construction companies in different trades, all of which are still thriving today. In the  last few years Jeremiah has begun to explore his other gifts and has taken an interest in print modeling, acting, and voice acting.  His voice has been featured on several television and radio commercials and has narrated some top-rated audio-books.

In his spare time he can be found snowboarding, reading, training in martial arts, or expressing his heart through drawing or writing – all of which are done together with his family. Jeremiah is husband to an extraordinary wife, and father to four amazing children, who all share his Christian faith, and overall love for life.  His interest in mentoring and coaching the next generation has always been a part of his heart so he has been blessed to be able to share that passion through Positive Presence.