The next generation is facing an unprecedented mental health crisis. An already confusing time in life is being exacerbated by social media, violence, and global catastrophes.

We, at Positive Presence, believe that we need to start empowering the next generation during these trying times.

We envision a world where everyone in the next generation is guided by a trusted mentor-coach in their search for the insights and skills necessary to lead a positive, fulfilling life. Not only to help change an individual’s path but to create positive social change for an entire generation and others to come.

We all want what is best for our children: happiness and confidence. You might not feel 100% certain about what your child needs at this time, and that is ok! But if you are here, you might have some questions. Below you will find frequently asked questions and thoughtful answers about Positive Presence Global and how we work day in and day out to attain that goal: empower the next generation by providing them with the tools to lead confident, positive, radiant lives.