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Join personal development trailblazer - Michelle Marie King - in this immersive coaching experience to achieve self-mastery from the inside out.  Through Degree In Me, experience a positive metamorphosis that transforms every fiber of your being, and discover a life congruent to your passion and purpose. 

Are you ready to permanently & positively evolve into the best version of yourself?

Are you ready to achieve your potential with Degree In Me?  

You were put on this earth for a reason and you’ve got a life to live - now is your time to step into THAT LIFE!  

I created a personal development program that I myself and so many other adults wanted and needed growing up.  I can’t imagine what my life would look like if I discovered personal mastery at 15 or 18 or 25. This is the starting point for you to create the life of your dreams!  Are you ready?

Whether you want to…

  • Create powerful routines
  • Attract positive relationships
  • Align with your highest self
  • Develop emotional stability
  • Live with passion and purpose
  • Discover your authentic self

...this program was created for YOU!!!​

Hey There, I'm Michelle Marie King...

...and I want to congratulate you for getting to this point in your life - the point where you are so amped about your personal development that you manifested an opportunity to get a Degree in Me

I built this program because it was exactly what I wish I had from high school into adulthood AND BEYOND.  It’s crazy to think about, but when was the last time you heard anyone in school or the business world encourage self-mastery.  Academics were created to learn about the ‘important things’ - history, science, math, English - and in the business world, your employer wants you to learn about them NOT you.  

We move at lightning speed from high school to college, college to workforce, workforce to parenthood and back again - before we know it we become a living embodiment of the rat race we vowed never to become a part of.  And through it all…. the ONE THING we should take time to learn is OURSELVES.  

It was that personal mission that sparked an international movement called Positive Presence.  As a result, I attracted hundreds of teenagers and young adults across the globe that craved personal empowerment, and were eager to discover self-mastery. Shortly after, we were named THE MOST INNOVATIVE LIFE-COACHING COMPANY OF OUR TIME by HerLife Magazine - an accolade we do not take lightly.

Through this journey, I’ve realized that this generation doesn’t want recommendations on self-help books or easy life-hacks for continued growth, they want real step-by-step support on how to APPLY personal development techniques to THEIR life.  

That is EXACTLY what you get with this program!  Welcome to Degree in Me!

Join me as we explore topics like:

  • Honoring the Difference You Make
  • Finding Your Personal Core Values
  • Recognizing Your Limiting Patterns
  • Learning to Lean into Gratitude
  • The Gift of Presence
  • The Belief Cycle
  • Creating Life-Changing Affirming Beliefs
  • Personal Preservation Techniques
  • Creating a Legacy
  • Goal Setting Behaviors
  • Creating Financial Abundance
  • Building a Strong Core

And so much more!!!

Introducing Degree in Me:

An Intimate Mentorship Program Designed to Tap into Your Potential, Eliminate Limiting Beliefs and Achieve the Greatest Version of Yourself

In this immersive online course, I’m sharing all my secrets to personal mastery.  I believe that when we can truly become masters of ourselves - we ultimately and inevitably become a force to be reckoned with.  Everything you desire, your wildest dreams, begin to transpire, and you become a limitless vessel of love, light and positivity.  

This is NOT your normal personal development program... this is an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop on finding and creating the biggest, bad-ass version of yourself from the inside-out!  

Going through Degree In Me, I have personally felt more confident about myself and my environment.  This program has surrounded me with positivity, from waking up and saying my morning affirmation, how I get dressed, how I face the day and even the people I choose to surround myself with.  I have been empowered to become a better person. I feel as if the world is my oyster and I have the tools to follow through with my dreams – big and small!

My S.E.L.F. Philosophy

SELF Empowerment, SELF Reliance, SELF Esteem, SELF Confidence - when it comes to personal growth, I believe we must ALWAYS start with SELF.  But, I don’t just look at SELF as the person looking in the mirror - I think of SELF as a complex internal system within each of us that simply needs to be awoken and ignited.  The four layers of this system - Soul, Energy, Love & Fulfillment - form a dimensional construct that desires activation.


Without a soul connection, we see ourselves for our physical bodies, our titles,  jobs, relationship status, finances, or materialistic items. But, none of these things are what make you YOU.  Marianne Williamson once said ‘The soul is the truth of who we are.”  The most beautiful and inspiring experience you can have is to connect with your soul.  That connection is in and of itself an experience that is often transformational and profound.  Discovering your soul is discovering who you truly are.  It evokes an alignment with your purpose, your passions and is more powerful than you can understand.


Everything is energy and energy is everything!  That means that EVERYTHING you desire in life - money, relationships, peace, happiness, success, recognition, information - consists of the same energy that is within you.  Once you tap into that internal reservoir of energy within you, you begin to realize that EVERYTHING you want in your life, you CAN HAVE! Masters of SELF connect to this abundance everyday and so can you!  


It has been described as an emotion, a way of life, the anchor to human connection and in some cultures - the most important thing there is.  Our true nature as human beings is to love, no one can live a happy, fulfilled life without it. Love can overcome pain, sadness, revenge, envy, heartache, suffering, anger.  As a Master of SELF, you love yourself... and that love becomes the catalyst to being your best SELF.


We all have an innate ability to feel fulfilled, but rarely do we.  Masters of SELF might argue that the secret to a meaningful life and the gold mine within all of us is fulfillment... but finding it is a personal journey.  That journey commences with discovering your purpose and passion for life. The map is made up of mindfulness and self-reflection and we use intention as a compass to guide us in the twists and turns of life.  We are own cartographer - map maker - and we get to decide when and how we find our treasure. The secret is within us, we just have to decide to see it!

This internal construct - SELF - when awoke - becomes the blueprint for our grandest future and make no doubt about it, once you decide to wake up - there is no going back.  You will evolve into the butterfly, but understand that as much as the sky welcomes you, the life you’re evolving from might no longer serve you. You might let go of friends or they’ll let go of you.  You might experience struggle in the rebirth, you might feel challenged beyond your comfort, but… I promise that you will never want to go back.    

What Masters of Self Do Differently

We are all born with an innate ability to achieve self-fulfillment.  The masters of self believe that everything they desire in life is within reach... at all times!  

This mentality is NOT easy to practice and it takes a lot of self-awareness to course correct your belief system to align with this principal… BUT… when you do, everything in your life begins to work in your favor including mistakes, failures and even negative relationships. 

These masters live by the belief that everything that is happening to them, through them, in them and around them is a REFLECTION of them - both the good and the bad.  They don’t run away with the feelings that exist for a couple of minutes, they observe and reflect on those feelings.

Your life is your greatest teacher, all I am able to do is help you understand how to learn from it so that you can become a MASTER OF SELF.

What makes Degree in Me the preferred personal development program for teens and young adults?

This transformative program is a deep and insightful method to help every student permanently and positively evolve.  Through my specialized coaching, I take a four-dimensional learning approach by innovatively teaching specially designed, carefully curated and actionable curriculum that focuses on each individual’s soul, mind, action plan, presence and body.  

With this all-inclusive, immersive coaching technique, you will literally experience a positive metamorphosis that transforms every aspect of your personality, presence, confidence, mind, soul, body and more. 

It is no wonder that every student finishes this program with self-reliance, confidence, balance and a positive outlook on life.  My intention is an overall healthy sense of self and purpose and an unbelievable amount of self-mastery that can be used for your entire life.  

So what do you get with Degree In Me?

Instant Access 

Instant Access to my 24-7 Training Portal

VALUED AT $6,000.00

Degree in Me Companion Workbook

Degree in Me Companion Workbook w/ Action Steps, Activities & Journal Prompts for Maximum Growth

VALUED AT $250.00

Monthly Live Group Coaching

Optional Monthly Live Group Coaching w/ Michelle Marie King VALUED AT $250.00 / Session

Plus Exclusive Bonuses:

Bonus Videos from Mentor Partners - VALUED AT OVER $3,000

Exclusive Access to Bonus Training Videos from Positive Presence Founder - Michelle Marie King - VALUED OVER $2,500.00

Exclusive Pricing on One-on-One Mentor Coaching w/ Licensed Positive Presence Coach - VALUED OVER $500

Private Facebook Group - PRICELESS

Access to Positive Presence Resource & Video Library - VALUED AT $2,500.00

What is Degree in Me Worth?

Degree in Me is valued at OVER $15,000

What’s your investment?

Starting at $83.00 / Month

Final Note from Michelle

Since I began teaching these principles in 2016, one thing I’ve noticed consistently is that there are a lot of people that SAY they want to live the life of their dreams, but the truth is...they don't want to do the necessary work to get it. They struggle with implementation, motivation and a TON of internal resistance.

Some people simply dip their toes 'here and there' into the waters of their own greatest potential...and I'll be honest, their results match their level of commitment.   My mission is to masterfully motivate you and others to tap into your highest potential lying dormant within and achieve your grandest life.

I believe that the more people that can become focused on making the greatest impact and living their grandest life - the more incredible our world becomes.  That power then impacts generations!  I empower you to be a part of the Positive Presence movement and not only find your positive presence but practice it in the world.  

With Love & Support,

Michelle Marie King

Got Questions, We've Got Answers

What do I get access to when I join?

When you join Degree in Me, you will get access to your private portal which houses your video and resource library and e-learning videos and playbook.  After you register, you will be sent a link to our Private Facebook Group, which includes all of our content for this bundle and our archive of coaching and personal development tools.  

Why is Degree in Me priced the way it is?

I developed Degree In Me and the content within it to reach those who were committed students of the work, but who may not be able to afford this type of training otherwise.  Private coaching with me starts at $250 / hour, I figured if I could develop a training program that required the same time commitment from me no matter how many people were involved, I would be able to reach more people and DRASTICALLY minimize the cost while still maintaining a high-level of support and commitment to your success. 

Why 6 Months

I have carefully crafted this program to deliver REAL results, for people who are TRULY committed.  This is NOT a "dip your toes in the water" kind of program. There is so much juicy content in here, that I want you to experience the breadth and DEPTH of what it offers - that takes time and a commitment.  Instead of giving you a fully immersive, all-inclusive, all encompassing program and packet all at once, I've very intentionally broken this program into six bite-size, digestible pieces that take an average of 2-4 hours per month for six months.  I’m so confident that you’ll SEE results if you’re putting in the work, that I personally guarantee it. I promise that after 6 months of ALL IN, your life will radically shift, and (just like our current students) you'll look forward to growing with this community more and more each month even after you're done with your financial investment.


What age group is this program best suited for? 

The Degree in Me program is most beneficial to high school students, college students and young adults (ages 15 – 28).  We have found that students within this age range are most open and able to do the type of introspection work we are encouraging.  We are open to meeting with anyone, any age to discuss the best program suited for their goals and personality if this program doesn't seem like the right fit.  

Do you offer private coaching alongside this program?

Yes we do!  We have mentor coaches available to support students across the globe on a one-on-one basis if needed.  Private coaching is a great companion to this program if the student needs focused accountability and custom conversations.  We are open to meeting with anyone, any age to discuss this as a coaching option.  

Ready For a Mentor Who Has Been Where You Are & Powerfully Succeeded in Getting to the Other Side?

Your grandest life is waiting!

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