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Mentor Coaching For A Loved One

Here at Positive Presence, we eliminate labels and refer to all struggles simply as… darkness. We believe that this darkness seeps into all of our lives in one way or another, and oftentimes is a representation of the darkness that exists within us. Our negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, previous negative narratives shape how we think, how we feel and how we act. Although we do not take darkness lightly, we have seen how addressing these issues at the onset increases self-awareness, self-love, emotional accountability and resiliency patterns that change our student’s lives.

Helping You Help Your Teen

What darkness is your loved one facing?

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Helping You Help Your Teen

Help Your Loved One In Four Easy Steps

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The Challenges of Today’s Youth

Teenagers and young adults of today are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis. An already confusing time in life is being exacerbated by social media and information overload. Amidst an increasing backdrop in youth suicide and a formidable gap between poverty and privilege – the younger generation is struggling beyond measure.

Our world, economy and everyday life has been dramatically impacted by a shift in the global climate, the Coronavirus Pandemic and national racial injustice. The reality in today’s society is that there is a higher chance of our youth struggling with facing these issues then surpassing them unscathed.

Even in the best of times, the younger generation is fighting to find their worth and their place in this world. Our children’s drive is being tested and their education altered. Pair that with school shootings, unprecedented natural disasters and everything else present in today’s world, and we get a generation that is mentally unstable, physically unhealthy and afraid for their future.

All this to say that you ARE NOT ALONE. This is a tough world we live in, however, we can provide support, tools, resources and a caring individual to your loved one so that they are ready to face the challenges this world will throw at them.

Why do teenagers and young adults prefer the Positive Presence Mentor Coaching Program?

At Positive Presence we believe that each individual deserves a mentor coaching program that is as unique as they are! In that sense, there isn’t just ONE Positive Presence mentoring program, there is a different, personalized version for every individual we work with while still maintaining our core coaching pillars:


We provide a shield of validation and reinforce authenticity, self-esteem and positive self-talk.  
Our mentors inspire their students with their own anecdotes of success, failure, relationships and more.
We follow a client-led approach and always listen and empathize FIRST.
During hard times, our mentors offer emotional support needed to encourage a more positive mindset.
Our mentors provide a fully attentive, non-judgmental, unwavering source of support and abide by that code AT ALL TIMES.
Our entire Positive Presence team from our Founder to our admins uplift and empower our students through the good and the bad times, instilling strength and resilience while celebrating victories.

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