2018 President’s Brief – 2 Year Anniversary Celebration


It’s an honor to be able to reflect back on the past two years as the Founder and President of Positive Presence. When I was 16, I had my first public speaking presentation in front of 5,000 people on the steps of the capital at the Inaugural Shaken Baby Syndrome Conference. I remember looking over the masses of people standing in front of me and envisioning myself 20 years older doing the same – leading thousands of individuals towards a positive powerful movement.  Positive Presence is the start of that movement. Since I was in High School, 15 years ago, the world for young teenage girls has become much more challenging. Social Media, societies’ standards, the evolution of marketing and the beauty industry, communication and so much more have made it a constant struggle for teenagers, in general, to grow with grace.

Over 90% of all women in the world suffer from low self-esteem at some point in their lives. What’s worse is that 81% of teenage girls experience feelings of low self-worth and engage in negative activities to drown it out. Many women and girls have either lost confidence in themselves or have realized they’ve never had it to begin with.  For so many in our society, especially our youth, positivity is oftentimes drowned beneath self-doubt, an increased pressure to be perfect and thousands of negative outside influences. When you practice self-love, abundance follows and that new-found light from within begins to spread so great that others around you become overwhelmingly inspired to find and share their light as well. This is the circle of positive abundance we strive for every student to experience!

In two years, Positive Presence has become the largest confidence coaching company in the state of CO. We (yes, WE) have created a safe space for teenagers to find their purpose, explore their passion and utilize our distinguished platform to positively impact others.  Along with that, we have become the premier starting-point as the largest privately-owned model coaching company in the state. We have a wait list of young models who want to explore being a fashion model and proactively and positively enter this industry while avoiding the pitfalls it so frequently touts.  We are growing rapidly from our humble beginnings here in Douglas County. Over the course of our upcoming fiscal year, we have plans to expand our confidence and model coaching services into the Denver Metro, working closely with our Corporate Coaches to develop and implement an effective and organized certification program. This program plans to certify other coaches first in Denver and then nationwide in years to follow.

Over the past two years, our corporate coaches and I have been working endlessly to develop a coaching curriculum both in confidence and model coaching that is second-to-none. We have developed 19 custom-made classes across our programs that are taught to our students one-on-one in a high-level learning atmosphere. Since the development of these programs we recently had our Positive Presence owned curriculum valued at 1.3 million dollars.

We have effectively launched our monthly themed photo shoots exclusive to our Positive Presence students (both in confidence and model coaching). These opportunities offer real-world experience on-set representing real, local brands that then use those photos in their advertising efforts. We are working diligently to develop relationships with other high-end local brands within CO to incorporate into these monthly shoots… along with local, state-wide and national publications to feature those models in creative editorial spreads.  Finally, in the months to follow, we will officially be launching our philanthropic arm of Positive Presence – what we will be calling ‘Positive Pathways’. Once we launch, 5% of every sale from Positive Presence will be allocated to our Positive Pathways Scholarship Fund. With this Scholarship, we will be able to offer confidence coaching free of charge to teenager girls who persevered through some of life’s greatest challenges. To help us fundraise for this scholarship fund, we will be launching our first annual fundraising event Winter of 2018 – our annual Fashion Show Benefit.

In closing, I’d like to finish by offering my sincerest gratitude to first our corporate coaches – Kendrick & Jenni Howard, our photography team, Lauren Marie our beauty coach, Michael Sutton our health and fitness coach, Jenn Marshall our Brain Coach, Anne Liebman our new style coach, Judi Hockenhull our Art Coach and Jervis L. DiCicco our prosperity coach. We literally would not have a service to sell without these amazing experts on our team.  I’d also like to thank our Executive Assistant – Nadine Bertholf who literally does everything for our entire team and clients all the way from WI.

I’d also like to offer a huge thank you to all our clients. We are so fortunate to have an 85% retention rate which is unheard of in business nowadays. I know I speak on behalf of our entire coaching team when I say it is sincerely humbling to be a part of our student’s positive transformation. Our clients have stuck with us through our growing pains in our business and I personally am so grateful for your continued faith in our business. We strive every day to always go above and beyond our client’s expectations.  I also would be remiss if I didn’t thank our community partners like Garment Gal Parker, Maggie Burns & Marie-Margot Bridal Couture, Kari White, Back in Love Boutique, SoCap Agency, Infinite Miracle Enterprises, Shine Summit, Sharon Ladd, Richard Kalisher of NUE Experience and so many more who have chosen to work with us.

Finally, I must thank my husband – Adam G King and our daughter. Every day I fight for Positivity and to eradicate insignificance for our students so that when my daughter comes of age, she doesn’t have to fight as hard. My husband is the most understanding person of my passion and everyday encourages me to continue the fight… so thank you to him.  And thank you to all of you for coming along this incredible journey with me and Positive Presence.

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