About Positive Presence

‘Honor who you were in the past – it helped mold who you are today.’
~ Michelle Marie King

About Positive Presence

Since 2016, Positive Presence Global (PPG/Positive Presence) has created an international movement made up of hundreds of students, ages 10 to 28+. We’ve completed over 10,000+ hours of coaching and we’ve reached our greatest milestone yet by becoming the largest mentor-coaching company in North America for the next generation.

Our passionate mentor-coaches and S.E.L.F curriculum awaken the energy within each student to begin a life-long journey of discovery and self-mastery. The definition of Positive Presence is ‘the confident state of existing’ — and that’s what we strive for every day. Through skill-building, honest reflection, and planning, we believe everyone can live a confident, positive life.

Since our inception, we have been recognized as ‘one of the most innovative life coaching companies of our time’ – an accolade we don’t take lightly.  We strive to provide the most responsive and personalized mentor-coaching experience available.

To give the next generation the support that they desire without any of the barriers and limitations of traditional, face-to-face coaching services.

Our exclusively virtual presence allows us to partner mentor-coaches to students around the globe to ensure a balanced partnership. Coupled with our Positive Presence S.E.L.F. Philosophy, 24-hour access to a private mentor-coach, and a personally curated library of tools and resources – our support is second-to-none. 

We foster a culture of dedication to personal growth and service to others in our mentors and mentees alike to make a much-needed difference in today’s society.

‘I’ve been with Positive Presence for two years and I’ve fallen in love with the program and everyone in this family! It’s helped me so much with my confidence issues! It’s changed my life. Thank you!’ ~ Elisa / Student

Who We Work With

We work with the next generation, who are in a unique position in life when it comes to engaging their best selves. Constant change, along with a sometimes overwhelming number of possibilities, allows the next generation to take bold action that can put them on a positive path for life.

Whether you are the over-achiever, the master slacker, the lonely one, the cool kid, the teen mom, the young entrepreneur, or anyone in-between, we believe that you have what it takes to engage and ignite your S.E.L.F to become the best version of you.

We truly feel that everyone is born with the tools to achieve a positive and fulfilling life; our job is to help you discover these tools and show you how to use them. Working with a Positive Presence mentor-coach will help you to discover the positive presence within you so you can share that radiant, positive light to inspire others and change the world around you.

Why We Work

Our life coaching and mentorship programs strive to eradicate insignificance by helping our students discover their unique obstacles, strengths, opportunities and passions. We ensure that each one of our students identifies their own personal values, and understands how to live a life that is congruent to those values.

We support each student in becoming more aware of their own personal power and provide the tools and resources to help them learn how to control that power. We strive for each student to become a more positive individual and encourage them to practice positivity in all aspects of their lives.

We give our students permission to practice authenticity, resiliency, goal-setting, self-acceptance and a variety of personal discovery techniques – all while creating a positive driven life. We facilitate coaching in all aspects of life from emotional intelligence and awareness to time management and budgeting techniques.

We believe that we all must love and accept all aspects of ourselves in order to find our own Positive Presence!

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How Our Mentees Benefit

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Our goal as a company is for the next generation to engage in meaningful conversations that help them uncover SELF Empowerment, SELF Reliance, SELF Esteem, and SELF Confidence. Our patented S.E.L.F. model is built of four layers that form our individual identity and require focused, purposeful attention to activate — Soul, Energy, Love & Fulfillment. This self-focused proprietary system helps mentees become masters of each area. Through S.E.L.F., everyone has the potential to become the best version of themselves and live a purposeful life filled with valuable potential.



- Your True Purpose


We help mentees build a connection and relationship to their soul from the inside out. With this powerful soul connection, mentees will begin to see themselves for more than just their physical body, titles, jobs, relationship status, finances, or materialistic items. Discovering the soul is the first step in identifying one’s true purpose, passions, and what the mentee wants in life beyond just their physical presence.



- Energy That is Within You


Energy is a fluid and precious resource that we must protect and nurture. Everyone has the energy to accomplish everything they desire in life - money, relationships, peace, happiness, success, recognition, information, etc. Once a mentee identifies what desires are most important, they will start to see that there is always enough energy to get where they need to be.



- Looking Inward First


Love is one of the most powerful sources of energy that we have at our disposal. We teach our mentees to turn that love inward and learn to love themselves. When this happens, that energy becomes a catalyst towards positive action and change. Seeing the world through a lens of Love will help positivity become a natural belief for mentees and those around them.



- Focusing on What You Need


After Soul, Energy, and Love are mastered and understood, we move to Fulfillment. Fulfillment is how mentees put these skills to use in everyday life. We all have an innate ability to feel fulfilled, but finding this feeling is a personal journey with many challenges. PPG’s mentor-coaches help provide meaningful and customized steps towards achieving fulfillment in everyday life.

‘Love what you do and you’ll never be afraid to jump.’
~ Michelle Marie King (Positive Presence Founder)

Our Standard of Service

At Positive Presence we believe that each individual deserves a mentor-coaching program that is as unique as they are. In that sense, there isn’t just one Positive Presence mentoring program, there is a different, personalized version for every individual we work with while still maintaining our core coaching pillars:

‘I am so moved with the way the Positive Presence coaches have reached my beautiful daughter Emma, they took their time talking to her, and genuinely connected with her. I have not seen my sweet girl smile as much and as long as my daughter has through this coaching… I cannot thank you enough!’ ~ Deanna (Mother)

About Our Founder

Michelle Marie King, a philanthropic leader, innovative entrepreneur, and captivating public speaker, has worked in the positivity activist space since 2002.

Michelle became interested in mental health and positivity among the next generation when she herself experienced darkness and struggle as a young adult. As Michelle matured, she began to focus on healing the damage she experienced while working in the modeling and pageant industry. This led to a realization of how permeating the negative feelings she experienced are among our world’s youth.

Michelle began spending her time working towards finding a way to share the light and positivity she learned through years of self-work and reflection. Throughout this journey, Michelle has engaged in many large-scale public speaking events across the country on topics such as women and wealth, becoming a passionate philanthropist, and struggling with eating disorders. Michelle continues to spread her message of positivity and light as a featured guest speaker at several women’s empowerment summits, young entrepreneur conferences, and women in business events across the country every year.

In 2016, her passion for mental health and positivity led her to create Positive Presence Global and the proprietary mentor-coaching S.E.L.F curriculum. Since then, she has worked with hundreds of mentees and trained dozens of new mentor-coaches. In her career as a model, philanthropist, emcee, entrepreneur, and public speaker, Michelle has appeared on radio, television, billboards and print in over 15 different states to continue to promote Positive Presence Global and her community efforts.

Michelle’s mission is to masterfully motivate people of all ages to lead a positive life and inspire others to do the same!

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