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5 Affirmations for Tough Times

Things don’t always go according to plan, that’s just how life works. Unexpected hardships can come out of nowhere and can seem endless at times. One of the best ways I’ve learned to help ease the pain and focus on the positive is by using affirmations. Affirmations are a great example of helpful, self-guided ways to bring positivity and control back into your life.

An affirmation is defined as a short, positive, powerful statement that is aimed to affect a person’s state of mind. When we speak these positive affirmations, oftentimes in opposition of a limiting belief, it begins to impact our behavior, thinking patterns, habits and environment. Affirmations are also great for those who prefer self-reliance. Many people shy away from the attention and vulnerability that comes from professional support in personal growth areas. Those people lean towards a more intimate personal development experience.

It is often recommended that you say your affirmations in the morning before the day begins so you carry the words and their meaning with you through all your thoughts and actions. Here is a list of the five affirmations that have been the most powerful in getting me and my loved ones through those dark days.

1. The Cleansing Affirmation

The Positive Presence Cleansing Affirmation is a classic yet impactful example of the power of words. Used often to help those feeling weighed down or stuck in the routine of their everyday lives, this powerfully peaceful paragraph helps eliminate the ‘weight’ we carry day to day. This affirmation can also be used by those who have a natural tendency or desire to help heal others. When done with or near running water, the affirmation further emphasizes the notion of washing away the negative energy from the body and being renewed. People often recite the cleansing affirmation while washing their hands and taking a shower. This is a fantastic way to start your day feeling renewed and free from the confines of your emotions or experiences. Tip: Be sure to say the blue bolded words with intention to fully immerse yourself and get the best results!

2. The Healing Affirmation

The Positive Presence Healing Affirmation is fairly self-explanatory, it manifests good health, peace and self-love for those struggling through grief, loss, regret, or heartache. Designed for those that feel broken, this affirmation eases the burden of anxiety, depression, and stress. For the emotionally vulnerable, this mantra is incredibly powerful and comforting. With consistency, the Healing Affirmation can help guide you to a brighter, lighter place and can allow you to maintain that status for longer. Like the Cleansing Affirmation, be sure to say the blue bolded words with intention!

3. The Affirmation for Letting Go

The Affirmation for Letting Go teaches you how to release the negativity or doubt that is holding you back from being your best self. It shifts the focus from what has happened to what you can now make happen in your future. The Letting Go Affirmation has an aura of rebirth connected to it and encourages you to become a new version of yourself. It emphasizes that you cannot control everything and that what is done is unchangeable, so best not to worry over it! Think not of what you have done but think of what you have the ability to do! The world is yours!

4. Healing My Past Affirmation

This affirmation is somewhat of a mix between the Healing Affirmation and the Letting Go Affirmation. This affirmation is significantly powerful for people who have experienced traumatic pasts and experiences that continue to impact their present life. It’s also quite effective for those that feel overwhelming guilt for an event they struggle to forgive themselves for. It involves releasing oneself from the confines of your experiences and being able to forgive those who have wronged you. Acceptance is a huge part of this affirmation, it helps you be able to come to terms with your story and lay all bad emotions to rest. This affirmation is not about forgetting, but rather about making positive change and using what you have been through to lead a life you are proud of. Saying the Healing My Past affirmation each day can help you open new doors for yourself and find the peace you deserve!

5. Affirmation for Trauma

While this affirmation is on the shorter side, it is no less powerful. The Affirmation for Trauma is designed for those who have experienced physical or mental abuse and need a way to cope with what they have been through. Trauma is extremely difficult to rebuild from; it imprints itself on your body and soul and can affect relationships well into the future. The healing process is slow and steady, but it always begins with self. You must look inward and come to peace with your own being before you can truly forgive others and release yourself from their mark on you. It is recommended that this mantra be said anytime you find yourself in an uncomfortable or overwhelming situation, as its main goal is to ground you and provide the comfort, stability, and calmness needed for the mending process. With patience, practice and love, this affirmation can be a beautiful saving grace for those who need a more personal helping hand.

A friendly reminder… as easy as it is to say these affirmations, it’s just as easy to create your own. Identify the areas in your life where you’re struggling, hurting, experiencing limitations, feeling in lack of and then create a short, powerful, positive statement in opposition of the current limiting belief. Once you do that – the hard part is behind you and the real healing begins.

Say that affirmation as frequently as you’d like, put it on sticky notes around your home and workspace, or record yourself saying it a hundred times and then fall asleep to it at night. You have the power within you to heal, to grow, to thrive. To do more of this type of personal development, click on our ‘Coaching for You’ page and download some amazing tools, resources and articles to help you on your journey.

Sending you love & light!

Emily Lamb

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