We help Teens & Young Adults
(Ages 12 - 25) feel Confident, Supported & Significant through 1:1 Coaching, Education + Empowerment

How We Get Results


Partner with the Very Best Coach

Through our proprietary matching platform, we are able to concisely match our students with the best coach for them to address their custom needs, unique communication style, personalized life experiences and future goals.


Set Intention & Celebrate Small Wins

We open each session with meta-learning techniques that subconsciously teach our students introspection practices to elicit continual positive growth both during and in-between sessions.


Move from Struggle to Strategy

We strive to never leave our students in a state of struggle. Our intention is to create collaborative conversations between the student and their coach that elicit inspired action to move from struggle to strategy every time.



We put as much focus on the moments in-between coaching as we do the actual coaching sessions themselves. Our coaches are constantly checking in and holding their students accountable to accomplish every step of their personal development strategy.


A Focus on Friendship & Trust

We hold these personal relationships with our students in the highest regard. We understand how in some circumstances, we might be the only person our student trusts and opens up to. The space we share with them and their families is sacred ground, a foundation that is fundamental to our student’s success.

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Start working with a certified Mentor-Coach today. Our proprietary 4-step pre-coaching process allows all parties to learn about Positive Presence, strategize support, and assess goals and intentions for a customized coaching experience. These meetings are designed to provide answers and clarity in a non-judgmental, confidential, and positive environment.
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‘My experience with Positive Presence has been incredible! I love Positive Presence and recommend it to anyone interested in becoming the best version of yourself!’ ~ Katelynn / Student

How Our Mentees Benefit

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Our goal as a company is for the next generation to engage in meaningful conversations that help them uncover SELF Empowerment, SELF Reliance, SELF Esteem, and SELF Confidence. Our patented S.E.L.F. model is built of four layers that form our individual identity and require focused, purposeful attention to activate — Soul, Energy, Love & Fulfillment. This self-focused proprietary system helps mentees become masters of each area. Through S.E.L.F., everyone has the potential to become the best version of themselves and live a purposeful life filled with valuable potential.



- Your True Purpose


We help mentees build a connection and relationship to their soul from the inside out. With this powerful soul connection, mentees will begin to see themselves for more than just their physical body, titles, jobs, relationship status, finances, or materialistic items. Discovering the soul is the first step in identifying one’s true purpose, passions, and what the mentee wants in life beyond just their physical presence.



- Energy That is Within You


Energy is a fluid and precious resource that we must protect and nurture. Everyone has the energy to accomplish everything they desire in life - money, relationships, peace, happiness, success, recognition, information, etc. Once a mentee identifies what desires are most important, they will start to see that there is always enough energy to get where they need to be.



- Looking Inward First


Love is one of the most powerful sources of energy that we have at our disposal. We teach our mentees to turn that love inward and learn to love themselves. When this happens, that energy becomes a catalyst towards positive action and change. Seeing the world through a lens of Love will help positivity become a natural belief for mentees and those around them.



- Focusing on What You Need


After Soul, Energy, and Love are mastered and understood, we move to Fulfillment. Fulfillment is how mentees put these skills to use in everyday life. We all have an innate ability to feel fulfilled, but finding this feeling is a personal journey with many challenges. PPG’s mentor-coaches help provide meaningful and customized steps towards achieving fulfillment in everyday life.

Learn about our S.E.L.F. Method.

How We Overcome Resistance To Coaching

Amidst balancing societal pressures, these teens and young adults have become overwhelmed by the expectations placed upon them by their school, parents, teachers, friendships and most of all… by themselves. Being a teen or young adult is a challenging, volatile experience in today’s society, especially when doing it alone.

Positive Presence understands these challenges and struggles, and we actively train our mentor-coaches to help carefully peel back the layers with their mentees to unlock their true S.E.L.F. As a result, they have attested to feeling more confident, positive and resilient post coaching. We have also received feedback from our families that their loved ones’ interpersonal relationships have improved along with grades, self-care and an increased focus on goal setting behaviors.

Each mentee is matched with a unique mentor-coach based on their needs, experiences, and goals, so they can feel comfortable and understood as a young person in today’s world. This connection to a strong, positive constant in these teens and young adult lives lead to a greater sense of self, higher self-esteem, positive body image and proactive mentality to mental health.