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Hi, I'm Michelle

I founded Positive Presence Global to serve the next generation by motivating them to lead a positive life and inspire others to do the same. Watch this video to learn more about my passion for mental health and my journey to Positive Presence.
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‘I stopped looking for the light and decided to become it instead.’
~ Michelle Marie King

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‘My experience with Positive Presence has been incredible! I love Positive Presence and recommend it to anyone interested in becoming the best version of yourself!’ ~ Katelynn / Student

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Start working with a certified Mentor-Coach today. Our proprietary 4-step pre-coaching process allows all parties to learn about Positive Presence, strategize support, and assess goals and intentions for a customized coaching experience. These meetings are designed to provide answers and clarity in a non-judgmental, confidential, and positive environment.
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Benefits of Life Coaching

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How Our Mentees Benefit

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Our goal as a company is for the next generation to engage in meaningful conversations that help them uncover SELF Empowerment, SELF Reliance, SELF Esteem, and SELF Confidence. Our patented S.E.L.F. model is built of four layers that form our individual identity and require focused, purposeful attention to activate — Soul, Energy, Love & Fulfillment. This self-focused proprietary system helps mentees become masters of each area. Through S.E.L.F., everyone has the potential to become the best version of themselves and live a purposeful life filled with valuable potential.





We help mentees build a connection and relationship to their soul from the inside out. With this powerful soul connection, mentees will begin to see themselves for more than just their physical body, titles, jobs, relationship status, finances, or materialistic items. Discovering the soul is the first step in identifying one’s true purpose, passions, and what the mentee wants in life beyond just their physical presence.





Energy is a fluid and precious resource that we must protect and nurture. Everyone has the energy to accomplish everything they desire in life - money, relationships, peace, happiness, success, recognition, information, etc. Once a mentee identifies what desires are most important, they will start to see that there is always enough energy to get where they need to be.





Love is one of the most powerful sources of energy that we have at our disposal. We teach our mentees to turn that love inward and learn to love themselves. When this happens, that energy becomes a catalyst towards positive action and change. Seeing the world through a lens of Love will help positivity become a natural belief for mentees and those around them.





After Soul, Energy, and Love are mastered and understood, we move to Fulfillment. Fulfillment is how mentees put these skills to use in everyday life. We all have an innate ability to feel fulfilled, but finding this feeling is a personal journey with many challenges. PPG’s mentor-coaches help provide meaningful and customized steps towards achieving fulfillment in everyday life.

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